Our Mission

Through Central MN Inside Out Connections Coalition,the community will work together to support strengths and address needs of children with incarcerated parents and their families.

Our Goal

To maintain a networking and support system for families affected by incarceration and for the programs that serve them.
Priority areas

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About Us

Central Minnesota Inside Out Connections Coalition, formed in 2009 with a grant from the Initiative Foundation, is a network of community and family members and agency representatives working together to strengthen support for children and families affected by incarceration.

How Will We Meet Our Goals

We strive to communicate accurate, relevant information and best practices to the community and organizations
We work to offer resources and support to incarcerated parents and family members in local jails and prisons and in the community
We aim to develop, implement, and/or enhance community supported opportunities for children of incarcerated parents to grow and thrive.

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